Saturday, December 26, 2009

We received a call from the doctor telling us that we have found a 6/6 cord and a 9/10 donor..and POSSIBLY a 10/10 donor. This news made me very happy because before all we had was a 4/6 cord and 8/10 donor. They ended up having to check registries from other areas. These people were not on the NMDP. They were, however, on a registry. We will know more in a couple of weeks and when the results come back from the possible 10/10 we will sit down and talk and then get things started.
Kyler had a GREAT Christmas. He has TONS of toys.The house is covered in them and we still havent even seen all of the family. Some people were sick so we will have to visit them in a few weeks. Other than that things are good.Ky is bruising MUCH more easily which is usually a big sign in him that his platelets are dropping again. Im just very glad he is doing good otherwise. I love him so! Please keep him in your prayers. Happy New Year everyone! :-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

We had a doctors appt today and Kylers platelets are down to 39,000. They have three more potential donors who they are "very interested in." So, we wont know anything about the BMT until Jan 15. Other than that he is doing good. He has 2 teeth.TOO CUTE :-) He says momma clearly and today he said dadda. It was cute because he was sitting there saying mommadadda mommadadda. Hes getting so big! 19lbs 8oz and 27 inch long. he's so sweet and so much fun! Please keep him in your prayers! We dont have another appt until Jan 15 so incase I dont update before then Merry Christmas everyone!!