Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So this is the plan thus far..Looks like we will be using the cord. They are wanting to do Kyler's "work up" in the middle of Dec and let him spend Christmas and New Years at home and then if all goes well and as planned we will be admitted after the first of the year. So far he seems to be doing really well which is a blessing. We had new family pictures done so I am going to post one. He is getting so big. He sits up says ma-ma well his is mumma its so cute though. He doesnt want to crawl but tries to push up on his feet. He is so sweet and he KNOWS he has mommy wrapped around his little finger :-) Please keep him in your prayers and pray he does wonderful with the CBT!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Nov 13th

Well..The good news is Kylers platelet are up to 50,000..so bumps on the head are still a concern, but not as much of one. Bad news is his t-cells came back low which means his immune system isnt functioning like it should. He had a great appointment though. He did awesome with his bloodwork as always..and flirted with all the ladies :-)) He a little charmer :-D Still no luck with a donor. Tons of 8/10 matches but childrens wont attempt it until it is a 9/10. We have a cord but since I am not thrilled about cords the doctor decided to wait until after the holidays before he starts trying to persuade us to use the cord. Please pray we find a donor before then! We would like a 10/10 but at this point would be happy with a 9/10. Ok..Now just an extra note..I just want to mention that I know a lot of people miss Kyler and would like to see him. We ARE NOT keeping him away from people to be mean..we are doing it for his health and safety..and this is what we were told to do by doctors because of the flu situation and it being the time of year for many other illnesses. We promise that as soon as Kyler is all better everyone can love on him and give him all of the hugs and kisses they want. Until then..we just hope you understand that our baby is the most important thing in the world to us and I will do whatever it takes to keep him healthy. :-D Thank you to EVERYONE who has been praying for Kyler and being there for us..and thank you to those who have been so understanding :-D We love you all! Please Keep him in your prayers :-D I probably wont have updates for around 4 weeks but if anything happens before then I will let you know. OH and just some Kyler updates..He sits up on his own.. says mommom..knows that when I hand him the phone he is supposed to start talking LOL..and he is the sweetest most precious baby! He is my whole world and I am soo lucky to be his mommy! OH and he is just a little bit rotten :-D But that was to be expected LOL. Until next time..Please keep praying for him :-)