Friday, October 8, 2010

So far so Good! :)

WOW!! It has been a while since I have updated. SO much has happened...but Ill just try to keep it to the basics.
First I'll talk about health related issues: Kyler is doing great! He is being weaned off of his immune suppresants and is down to 2 meds during the week and 4 on the weekend (still has Bactrim and Zofran on wknd). The results from his immune tests were MUCH better than they were 3 months ago. Still not 100% but MUCH better :) Everything else seems to be moving right along perfectly. Its amazing to see my little boy with 400K platelets. He can play as rough as he wants and I dont have to worry as much.
Now..The Fun info ...He is growing up soo fast and he is soo funny!! He is learning to say the most hilarious stuff!! He is almost walking...He gets excited and starts running and falls down. He is doing great though pushing his little push and walk toy. He is still just as amazing as ever!! I am soo proud of him and love him so much!!
Other than that there isnt much else...well, there is..but I said I was keeping it short! I could talk about my sweet little man ALL day!! :) He keeps us laughing!! I am going to attempt to include a photo..There are TONS so I am going to just pick a good one (Well, to mommy they are ALL good :) )