Friday, July 24, 2009

By the way....

So far we havent heard anything about a donor, but we didnt expect to this early anyways. I dont know if I mentioned this before but there is a chance that I am the carrier of WAS. If I am then I really probably shouldnt have any more children because there is a 50 % chance they would also have it. If we had a little girl she wouldnt have the disease but she would also be a carrier. If we have another boy and he has it we would have to go through the same thing again. I am actually going to the doctor monday to be tested to see if I was the carrier. I wont have the results for a few weeks though, but no rush because we definately arent planning on any more babies in the near future.

More Kyler news: Everything is pretty much the same...the rash hasnt really gotten better or worse but he has gotten a little better about taking his baths. He still hasnt had one of his fits in a while which is a big plus. OH!! and he has now moved up to drinking about 7 oz at a time instead of 4-6. This is a good thing because I want him to stay as healthy and chunky as possible until we find a donor. He is also getting better at sucking just his thumb rather than trying to stick his whole hand in his mouth. Its soo cute..I keep trying to get a picture for everyone to see. When he gets ready for a nap or bed one arm goes behind his head (just like he slept in my belly) and the thumb on the other hand goes in his mouth. He does something adorable every day :)

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