Saturday, May 15, 2010

day +66 WE ARE GOING HOME!!!!!

I am up at 5am updating and hopefully will soon be getting ready TO GO HOME!! WHOOHOOOO!! :) We are suppose to get to go home some time this morning if everything goes well and as planned. WE are ALL THREE super excited! Cant wait for Ky-man to see the outside world again :) Please pray he continues to do well..No GREAT once we get home :) We were told and we know to expect atleast one readmission but we are hoping he surprises us all and does wonderful and never has to stay another night here.He's definately had his share of hospital stays and he been a trooper through it all. Hes such a strong little boy and we are so proud of him. Please keep him in your prayers :)

In other news...Gene Chizik (Auburns coach) came to see him thursday and took pics with him and us. It was SUPER exciting! He and his wife are VERY sweet/ great people. This last week has been one of the best weeks here. Hope it only gets better once we go home. :)

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Wonderful! Way to go! I am so happy for your Ky man and for proud mom and dad.

    With love and best wishes,