Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back at Childrens

Sunday night at 11pm our sweet baby Kyler started vomiting....well, like I always do when he seems outof sorts, I checked his temp. It was high for him but not fever yet so I continued checking it and by 11:15pm he had thrown up several times and his fever was 100.7 so we brought him into childrens. By the time we got here his temp was already 102.8 and they did cultures which had already grown by 2am. He had a gram negative (not sure exactly what yet bc results arent complete) infection in his line and blood. They started him on 3 very strong antibiotics and yesterday (monday) they did surgery and pulled the line. He now has IV's in both feet and one in his arm. He has had constant high temps and has been a miserable little boy up until a few hours ago. His heart rate was super high the first night but it had went down by last night. The nurse and I sponge bathed him and changed all of his bedding and then I finally got to hold him for the first time since sunday night (which I slept with him all night sunday night both in his bed and on my cot. He wouldnt even lay down that night unless he could atleast touch my hand or something) ...after his bath and everything he sat on my lap and we went to the window and I opened it so he could see out. Then he fell asleep on me and when he woke up he smiled and said hey momma...and then said dadda and looked around like he was looking for his daddy. That is the first time he has talked (other than when he has cried for his mommy when they are doing stuff to him which breaks my heart bc I cant make it just go away) since sunday and he even smiled and giggled a little.HOPEFULLY things are headed up from here on out. As always, he has been so strong. Please keep him in your prayers.


  1. I'm so glad they pulled the line. That's what happened to David. He got a hard to treat infection (had to be on a strong antibiotic for 8 months!) that moved to his lungs. I was so glad they pulled it. I'm glad you took Kyler in esp. with a blood infection. How is he doing otherwise? I hope he's not on too many meds. No GVHD right? Have a nice week.

  2. Sorry to see him not feeling well. Prayers on the way.

    What a great mom he's got.

  3. Hi Jill,

    So glad that the little one is feeling better and smiling at you. It must be a big relief after a big scare.

    Keeping you and Ky in my prayers for a quick in and out of the hospital.