Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fridays Results

We went to Kyler's hematologist last friday Oct. 2nd. and we all three had to have lab work done. I must admit that Kyler did the best of all of us. I tried to keep him from looking but he watched the needle go in and the blood come out and never even whined. OH ...and he didn't even want to hold his silky (blanket). Coty didn't do so well..but he never does with blood. He really gets sick when they have to take it. I was nervous but nothing like I use to be. After everything I went through during my pregnancy I'm pretty sure not much bothers me. I still can't watch the needle go in but I don't mind watching the blood. Anyways...we did that so they could check out HLA typing and hopefully we'll have the results in a couple of weeks.
Kyler's platelets have came down to 41,000 but everything else looks good. They did some test to check his liver and kidneys and everything looked great. He weighs 18lbs and is 26 inch long. He is getting soo big! That is all we found out..we'll be meeting the new stem cell doc in 2 weeks so we will have more info then.Please Keep Kyler in Your Prayers!


  1. Good Luck Jill! I hope that one of you are a perfect match for Kyler.



  2. Hi Jill, You might ask your docs for a prescriptioon of EMLA. It's a numbing cream you put on the skin prior to the blood draws. It has made such a difference with all the blood work my little guy, J.P. (11 months old with WAS), has to go through. Your Kyler is such a cutie and you and your husband are doing so well. You are in my prayers.