Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So this is the plan thus far..Looks like we will be using the cord. They are wanting to do Kyler's "work up" in the middle of Dec and let him spend Christmas and New Years at home and then if all goes well and as planned we will be admitted after the first of the year. So far he seems to be doing really well which is a blessing. We had new family pictures done so I am going to post one. He is getting so big. He sits up says ma-ma well his is mumma its so cute though. He doesnt want to crawl but tries to push up on his feet. He is so sweet and he KNOWS he has mommy wrapped around his little finger :-) Please keep him in your prayers and pray he does wonderful with the CBT!


  1. Simply adorable pics! I love the one with him on the duckie and the one with the two of you. Your little one is working his way deeper and deeper into my heart.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    With prayers and good wishes,


  2. Gorgeous pix; you are a beautiful family and Kyler is way cute...almost as cute as my kids

    With deepest respect, I feel compelled to remind y'all that I have been doing really well with Wiskott(one of the bad mutations, even) for 46 years without a bone marrow transplant.

    I would very much like to speak with you directly to better understand your decision to proceed given that Kyler is doing so well and the risk of morbidity associated with a transplant being so high.

  3. Hi there...
    I am writing a news story on Wiskott-Aldrich.
    My email is amdorning@comcast.net. I would love to talk to you for my piece if possible. Thank you.

  4. Our journey began this past April when our son, who is 8, was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. AJ had a bone marrow transplant this past July at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and is currently getting stronger everyday. We just wanted you to know that we are praying for Kyler and your family. Though we were blessed with sibling match for AJ, we know the importance of the Bone Marrow Registry. AJ has a very special Christmas Wish this year, which is to get 100 people on to the registry before the holiday. We are all working hard to get family and friends to join. It is AJ's hope that someone he recruits might help Kyler or one of the other children waiting for their match. Our hearts and prayers are with you as we pray for Kyler's recovery, the doctors' wisdom, and your strength.

    Greg and Cindy Revera

  5. Cindy,
    Thank you so much for your prayers. Sounds like you have a very caring, giving son. You truly are blessed. Tell him we said thank you from the bottom of our hearts for his concern for our precious Kyler and all of the other children awaiting BMT's. We will be praying that AJ continues to get stronger and do well and that he has an amazing recovery. I love hearing about children who are doing great with their BMT's. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. Oh...Cant forget to mention that my heart also goes out to the sibling who helped save their brothers life. You really do have amazing children :-)

    Coty and Jill Musgrove