Friday, February 26, 2010

All of Kylers tests for his workup went great and everything came back good. We signed forms last week so we will be admitted monday March 1st. We found out that not only is the cord we have a perfect 6/6 match but it is also the same blood type. We were really happy that everything matched so well. Kyler is doing good. His top 2 teeth have broke through and are coming right on in. Its too cute!! He is starting to want to play on the floor more but it just makes me so nervous, even with the helmet. Once we move into the hospital, though, they said they will put a play mat in his room, so we will be able to play on the floor a lot more. :) He's getting so big. Last week he was about 22lbs and 28inches long. He's growing up so fast! I cant believe he will be a yr old in less than 2 months. He's the best baby and he is so so sweet :) I love him so!:) Please Keep him in your Prayers!

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  1. I know Kyler is going to do great! As always he is in our prayers.

    -Greg, Cindy, AJ, Austin, Ryan and Jack