Thursday, February 4, 2010

BMT Plans- We met with the doctor yesterday and Kyler will be getting his hickman catheter next tues and then we will start his workup. We are using the cord and should be admitted the last week of Feb. The doc feels very confident that Ky will do great. I know he will. He is such a strong, sweet little boy. He does something to amaze me every day. He now shakes his head no and it is so funny bc If he is doing something he knows he isnt suppose to be and you say his name he shakes his head no to let us know he realizes he shouldnt be doing it. He's even started shaking his head at us if we are doing something he thinks we shouldnt do. Too cute! He has his helmet now so he can play on the floor more. That is going to take him a while to get use to. He is the best baby. He's so good. He's very vocal which my husband blames me for LOL (I was a VERY vocal child.) Please Pray for our sweet baby! We love him so much! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts for our little boy.


  1. Hi Jill,

    Thank you for sharing the very cute pics and activities. He is way too cute.

    Wishing you and Kyler the very very best as you go through the transplant. Hope that the transplant path is gentle on Kyler and on you and that he is out of the hospital double quick. Good Luck and Godspeed.


  2. Godspeed through it all. Don't forget to take care of yourselves (getting sleep, eating, etc) so you can keep taking care of the cutie.