Sunday, September 13, 2009

I took Kyler to his pediatrician friday and it turns out that it is molluscum. Tomorrow we are going to see his hematologist so while I am there I am going to have him refer us to a dermatologist in the same hospital so that they can all work on Kyler's case together (the derm the hematologist and the stem cell doc). I prefer them all being able to meet instead of doing like we have to do with the ped where they are always having to send each other letters etc and wait on each other's response. Anywho..We went in friday mainly for the bumps to see what they were since Dr. Candotti was concerned about what they were and said that knowing would help with his opinion somewhat but, Kyky ended up having to get 2 shots. His ped asked me why we hadnt had his 4 month shots done and I told her the the other stem cell doc (The one who is gone now and no longer on Kyler's case) had said he didnt need them. Well his ped thought this was odd and she knew he couldnt have live viruses but thought that he should probably have the other ones. She called his hematologist who agreed that he needed them but checked with the new stem cell doc who said yes he definately needed them. So my angel ended up getting 2 of them. They did one in each leg and we had to wait 45 minuted afterwards to make sure he didnt have a reaction to either of them and if he did they would know which one it was. Luckily he didnt bleed or bruise to badly and he didnt have any reactions. So we have just had to keep him on tylenol the past 2 days because he has tried to run a low grade temp. Today he is doing MUCH better and he is playing a little which is good because the last two days he hasnt really wanted to eat or play he has just wanted to lay on me (which I LOVE I just feel bad that it is because he's sick) or he has wanted to sleep. A lot of that though is because he has been taking tylenol every 4 - 6 hours and today I have only given it to him once. I don't think he'll need any more. OH!! I meant to mention...he actually did fairly well with his shots especially compared to how he did with his two month ones. He didnt cry when she stuck him (I guess by now he's use to that) But he started crying when the medicine went in because its so thick and stings. As soon as she was done, though, I picked him up and he was fine as soon as I loved on him and started playing with him. By the time we left he was giggling and playing. He really has been so tough and strong through all of this. Im so proud of him =) Well That is pretty much it for now..I didnt realize how much I had written =) Ill be updating tomorrow since we have a hematologist appt. Please keep him in your prayers!

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