Saturday, September 19, 2009

Okay, so what I think what I have tried so hard to keep from happening happened...I Caught the "scum" from Kyky. I have a place on my neck that looks like it..but I'm not surprised because he has one on his arm and he has started hugging me and rolling around a lot on me so I knew I would get it. I'm not upset that I have it because considering that my immune system is fine, it should clear up on it's on if I don't spread it,plus he's my baby..there is NO way I would be upset about getting something from him. I just didn't want to get it because he is at that age where he kisses and hugs and touches and even LICKS (which, with the licking, I try to intervene and keep from happening) whatever he can on mommy and I don't want to spread it all over him. I have been so careful too..I wash my hands anytime I change his clothes bath him etc or just feel like they need to be washed =) I even get my husband to hold the towel open after Kyler's bath and let me hand him to him so that I can wash my hands between bathing him and dressing him for bed. Anyways..the main point of this blog is actually kind of crazy...Kyler is at the age ( 5 months) where he needs a lot more belly time to learn how to crawl and lift up. Well, we have hard floors and NO carpet anywhere in the house, and of course I'm concerned about him losing his balance and bumping his head. He hates being on his belly in the playpen and our bed is too soft for him to get balanced, and he won't stay in his bed because he has decided that it is only for bedtime. I even tried putting a bunch of blankets on the floor but once again if I got them soft enough to make me feel okay about him being on the floor, then they were too soft for him to keep his balance on his arms so he laid down and cried because he thought I was trying to make him lay down and he wanted to play. I asked his ped about him not crawling and she said it wasn't a huge issue if he never crawled, and we have an exersaucer and a Jeep Walker so I thought "Well atleast he's learning to use his legs" BUT today I read an article that said those are both kind of bad for learning to walk because they teach them to use different muscles and they don't really have to be able to keep their balance to stand up in them (which I know that part is true). Who knows?!?! I know you can't believe everything you read but it just made me wonder, plus I have been concerned about him not developing as fast because of not being able to play on the floor. He's doing GREAT in every other aspect though so I guess I shouldn't worry. He pulls his self up to sit and will try to pull up to standing position if you hold his hands. Any suggestions on what to do about him playing on the floor??


  1. All four of our boys used the exersaucer and we didn't notice any impediment when they started running, er, walking around the house. Granted, they had their time crawling and stumbling around on the (carpeted) floor, but frankly I think the article you read is a bunch of hooey.

    For being on the floor, does he have a bumper hat? I know the moms have had a discussion on the IDF forum (under "Bruising and Bleeding") about the Thudgard helmet (sp?) and such; my mom had made me a hat out of ace bandages and foam rubber (this is the early 1960s, mind you) that seemed to work reasonably well. (I don't think I was wearing it when I rolled down the stairs...the bruises on my forehead were an especially deep shade of purple...)

  2. Sorry it turned out to really be molluscum. You might try covering yours with the little circular band-aids to avoid spreading. Of course, this can also eventually irritate the skin and make it all worse, so it's almost a catch-22. You might also consider only using bath towels once and then laundering them; it makes for a lot of laundry, but supposedly the virus can live in damp on towels.

    For Kyler, again, I'd discuss with the doctors cutterage and cauterization of all of them at once. I do realize how horrible that sounds, but if his immune system truly can't fight it off it will only keep getting worse--and I lived with worse for more than two years. Please believe me, you do not want to go there.


  3. Hi Jill,
    Sory to hear that you have molluscum too. You will be able to fight it off just fine, but it might help to have it taken care of so as to prevent more spreading. And, Bob is right, if you can take care of Kyler's sooner rather than later, it would be good. He may not be able to fight it off by himself and may need some help along the way. It might make your life a bit easier too. I was thinking about your going through all the towels etc and it might be easier to have them removed.

    We had a mix of hardwood and carpet when my little guy was an infant and I can't remember it all, but I assume that he learnt to crawl on the carpet. I do recall that by 9 mo of age he was all over the house, hardwood and all and did okay. A helmet is good for that stage.
    Kyler will probably be just fine with his exersaucer etc and catch up later on. If you are really concerned you can get a large area rug for one room and have him crawl on it(he will be out of it pretty soon though!)

    Take care,


  4. One thing that worked great for us in terms of containing the wandering kids was Superyard, essentially a plastic fencing that snaps together. [We called it "the cage", but it didn't (unfortunately :-) have a top)] The basic set has six panels to make a hexagon, but you can buy an extension of two that makes for a pretty wide octagon (~6-7 ft across, about 30 inches high) that can fit on top of a comforter or bedspread. Our second spit up a lot, so with a tarp under the bedspread, it helped avoid finding spit-up all around the house. The plastic is tough but it gives some when they fall into it.
    If you got ahold of some of the dense foam padding that Martial Arts places use (comes in maybe 2'X2' or 3'X3' panels...gymnastics places too), put a thin bedspread over it, and then put the Superyard cage on top of that, it might make for a safe place to let him get his walking legs.
    Be advised, though, once they get heavy enough, they learn quickly to push the entire thing around the room...

  5. Jill,

    Seriously, don't worry about Kyler not crawling yet. Ayden wasn't anywhere near crawling, even by the time we went into the hospital with him when he was 8 months old. He didn't really crawl until we got home at around 50 some odd days post-BMT (didn't have room in the place we were staying near the hospital). And Ayden HATED tummy time with a passion, so he never really got practice. Don't worry. Kyler will start crawling when he's ready. I've only got about 9 1/2 months on you with this parenting thing, but the one thing I've definitely started learning is that he'll develop in his own time. I've worried about every developmental milestone, and the one day *poof!* he's there, and it's no big deal. Some kids never crawl, some don't crawl until they're 9 or 10 months old, etc. Every kid is different. Just count your blessings that Kyler will hold his own bottle! Ayden still only holds his sippy cup on very rare occasions. Lazy bum! :-D