Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kyler had an appointment yesterday and the good news is that his platelets have been dropping by about 10,000 every 2 weeks and they have only dropped 1,000 in the last two weeks. They are now 48,000. He still luckily has no active bleeding and hasnt been bruising two badly but he has had these weird little bumps come up on his neck and stomach. We took him to the pediatrician last week because he wasnt himself and he was VERY tired and cranky and seemed like he was really hurting. The ped said she thought he possibly had a stomach virus so yesterday when I showed the hematologist his bumps he said they looked like they were bumps that happen sometimes when you have a virus and it affects your skin. He feels a LOT better this week. He is eating SO good (he has started solids : cereal and baby foods). He LOVES applesauce and as strange as this sounds he loves green beans and prunes also. I thought I would have a tough time with those two especially since he isnt too fond of prune juice. He is growing up soo fast. Yesterday all of the nurses were commenting on how big he has gotten. OH! and he did GREAT once again with his blood work..no tears or fussing..not even a whimper. He's my little trooper. =) It hurts my heart that he's growing so fast!! I know everyone says this but now I understand it...it really does seem like it was just yesterday when we found out I was pregnant and now here he is eating solids sleeping in his own room and walking in his Jeep walker. (tear) Okay..now that im over my moment back to business =). We found out that the donors who have responded so far have not been a good enough match. A few more were supposed to be checked this week. They said they Know for a fact they could get a cord but they want a donor so that they can get extra stem cells just in case they need them later. With a cord its a one time use thing. But that is all we know so far..hopefully we'll know more by the end of the week! Ill let everyone know as soon as we get more info.

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