Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yesterday we went to the hematologist. Turns out Kylers HLA typing is fairly rare because he got some of the exact same stuff from Coty and me. (Our types ended up being a LOT alike). SO that is why it has been so hard to find a donor.That does mean, though, that they may want us to be tested. I spoke to a lady today about setting up a way for any of you who want to be tested to be able to do so. Ill call you or post it on here when I find out the exact details. About his appt yesterday...we dont know where his platelet levels are..LONG STORY...which frustrates me but he still isnt bruising too badly and has no active bleeding so we'll have it checked again in two weeks. I found out his mutation and Ive been trying to research it but so far I cant find his. Maybe I will soon though. Other than that he is doing fine..he still has molluscum , which is getting worse, and he has been very tired and irritable the last few days but that isnt surprising considering he had shots friday and we didnt have so great of a day at the doctor yesterday..its the first time in a while that he has cried during his doctor visit/ lab work. Other than that though he's still a perfect angel =) Please keep him in your prayers =) Love you all!

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Hang in there. Sometimes it takes a bit for them to search all the databases in the world and get a match. And if you and Coty are very simialr, maybe one of you can be a good match! My prayers will be with you and Kyler as you go through these challenges.

    You may be able to locate Kyler's mutation in the WAS Database at http://homepage.mac.com/koshukeimai/wasp/WASPbase.html Dr. Candotti will be able to guide you best. Please feel free to e mail me at sumathidoc@gmail.com at any time.

    Take good care,