Friday, September 18, 2009

So, we were given good news yesterday..they found 4 more "Potential" donors. We are just waiting on their blood work. My husband and I will be tested in 2 weeks. She said even if we aren't a match it will help with finding a donor. I think it would be awesome if one of us is a perfect match, which is rare. I would love to be because I would be available 24/7 for them to do or take anything from me they needed for him. Plus, I would be more than willing to do anything extra just for precaution. Other than that..his "scum" as we have started calling it, because I think I am the only one in the fam who can remember the full medical term, molluscum, has gotten worse. He has been really moody and ill but I'm sure it is because the molluscum is bothering him because I have taken him to the ped twice because he sounded congested and so far they are saying it is probably just sinuses.Plus, he's had tummy issues since he was born and this week it has seemed to be really bothering him. Oh..and about the "Scum" thing..for some reason he finds the way we say it really funny so that's another reason why we have started calling it that. Please Pray for him and that he feels better! OH..By the case Kami or Aimee read this..I listened to that song last night "He's My Son" and I'm pretty sure that is the first time I have really just let myself cry. So I don't know if I'm glad y'all had it on your blogs or not =) J/K. It was a really touching song! Also..Kami..I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but it wouldn't let me. Hayden is adorable! Hayden, David and Ayden are all in my prayers! They are ALL so adorable! I know we are moms and are suppose to think this but I think we all have some pretty amazing little boys! =)

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