Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day +21 We have Neutrophil Engraftment YAY! :)

One of the big days is finally here. Kyler is considered engrafted (from the neutrophil perspective) He is doing so good :) He had a much better night last night. They started another med to help take him off of the morphine and it seems to be working. Now we are trying to find out what is causing the nausea so they are playing around with the meds (increasing/decreasing/"dc-ing" etc) If we dont find out something that way they will take more measures to find out why he is still vomiting. The other news for today is that he has to have surgery tomorrow. They are going to put his CVL back in and take out the temporary line that he has had. So please say a special prayer that the surgery goes great and that hopefully this is our last surgery for lines (That is until it comes out for good :) ) They did an ultrasound to find the best place to put the line to try to avoid any further problems. STill no fever and he's still doing great oxygen wise. Next monday he will have another CT-scan to see if he still has the lung infection and those results will decide where we go from there as far as antibiotics etc. Hopefully it is all gone:)
Some fun news: He and I have been working on his standing/ walking/ pulling up etc. Well today he decided to pull up on the side of the cot by himself. YAY! Go MY Sweet baby :) He has kept everyone laughing the last few days. He is so goofy! Also now he not only know how to say "Bye" but he knows when to use it and it makes him so proud! Makes us proud too :) Everytime someone leaves (and even when hes ready for them to leave) he waves and says "Bye" He took out the second bye LOL :) He decided today that he was going to give me a TON of kisses on my cheek which was super super sweet! He's my sweet baby :) He's not a mommys baby at all ;) lol Coty has taught him the "rain dance" and he has it down pat now so I have video taped him doing it. TOO CUTE! He took a few sips of pediasure today and the even better news is he kept it down. Things are going good!
BEE- To answer your question- It looks like we will be here another 3-4 weeks or so but Ky's counts arent as high as Max's BTW CONGRATS YOU GUYS!!!! SOOOO Happy for you :) Lots of love for you guys! But, we also still have the issue of Kyler nausea and he needs to be able to take some oral meds before we go home. As you probably already know he can go home on TPN but some meds pretty much have to be oral. So I think we will be here a little while longer. What about you guys?? Any talk of going home yet??
Well, I better go I think my sweet baby is waking up from his nap and we have a Dr Seuss book calling our names so I am going to get everything ready to read to him. Please keep him in your prayers:)


  1. Fantastic news Jill! Hooray to the three of you for getting here.

    So glad that Ky is giving you special and loving mommy times. Many prayers coming your way fro a smooth surgery, clear CT and homeward bound!

    With love,


  2. Congratulations on the engraftment. Is he engrafted in all cell lines (t-cells, b-cells, loving-cells, cute-cells, and most-adorably-perfect-little-boy-cells)??

    I hope the surgery goes well today and that his tummy feels better quickly.