Monday, April 5, 2010

Day +25

Kyler had his CT scan this morning. Now we are just waiting on results. Hopefully they will all show clear. His WBC's have slowed down increasing but everything is still going good. His blood pressure is a little high but thats not surprising considering some of the meds he is on. He has some blisters on his leg from where they had to put pressure tape where the femoral line came out SO now we are trying to get that cleared up. They have contacted the burn unit so they will probably be coming to look at him. Other than that everything is the same from the medical aspect.
From the "learning" aspect Kyler is loving his new sippy cup which is GREAT!! This morning he drank a WHOLE cup of water. I was SUPER excited. That puts us one step closer to eating thus coming off TPN and getting on oral meds Thus going home :) He had a lot of fun getting out of the room today to go down to CT. It was so cute. He is standing better and learning to transition from sitting to standing back to sitting. I am so proud of him.
He had a fun Easter. He had an Easter basket and a bunny and books and a new leap frog cell phone. He was a little tired and ill yesterday but he did seem to have fun. Esp with the paper from the Easter basket :)
Hopefully we will know more about the CT later and tomorrow we will have the upper GI and know more about the nausea and vomiting. Things are overall looking good. Weve had two good nights of rest so thats a plus since he is usually very tired during the day after vomiting all night. He is still super sweet as always and gives us lots of love and hugs :)
I will try to update when we know more about the scans.

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