Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day +42

WOW! cant believe we have been here almost two months. Hopefully we will be home soon. We know FOR SURE that we will be here ATLEAST 14 more days. Possibly more. Kyler is having a procedure tomorrow to see what it going on with his sinuses. They are going to do an endoscopy on them and culture them and maybe even biopsy some of the tissue that they found on the CT Scan. They now have him on TPN for 12 hours a day (From 6am till 6pm) since he is eating some on his own. This morning his blood sugar dropped a little low and I heard him making a funny sounding whine around 6am so I got up and picked him up and he was sweating, and very limp and wouldnt sit up on his own so I paged the nurse but in the meantime I put his O2 monitor on, checked his BP, temp, respirations and heartrate. His BP and temp were low and he was freezing even though he was sweating. I told the nurse everything when she got in there and asked her to check his blood sugar levels and page the doctor. We ended up giving him some orange juice and 20 minutes later he was up laughing. The rest of the day has been GREAT!! He has been walking around playing and has eaten a little bit and we have played basketball (with his new b/ball set he got for his bday :) ) and he even got to walk about 2 inches out of the room and talk to everyone LOL. Healthwise everything is still pretty much the same. He is on a TON of allergy/ sinus meds and antibitiocs for his sinuses. Luckily his VRP was negative so he doesnt have a virus. His leg is doing much better. They pulled the drain monday and it is healing very well. He is doing so great so maybe tomorrow we will find out what is going on with his sinuses and we can get that fixed and start working on getting home. Im so proud of Coty and My little boy! Coty has taught him some VERY funny faces lately and I have taught him to blow kisses and do this super cute thing with his teddy bear where I tell him not to give Pooh Bear all of mommys love and he hugs him super tight! Its SO cute! But hes so cute LOL :) Well he is napping on my cot and im thinking I might cuddle up and nap with him since we had a long night. :) Please keep him in your prayers!

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  1. Hi Jill,

    Wow! Go Super Mom! Good catch on the low sugars. So glad that Ky felt better soon after. That has to have been scary.
    Good Luck with the sinus surgery. Hope all goes well and that Ky is home soon.

    Take care,