Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day +37

Quick update (and thats bc Im running off of 2 hours of sleep LOL )
Okay, so SO far Kylers VRP is negative. STill have 2 days before final results though. He is on more meds for sinuses and is on an antibiotic which should fix sinuses and his infection. Speaking of which last wed when they did surgery on his leg they found that is was a MRSA infection. It was an abscess that was infected. That same morning he had the endoscopy done (hope I spelled that correctly)..All they found was gastritis which the majority of post BMT patients have. SO with that said the best treatment is a medicine to coat his throat and belly and making him eat, and yes it has definately been a "making him" situation. I will say though that he has done WONDERFUL! Particularly today. He has already eaten almost a jar of baby food (which is HUGE for him) and hasnt thrown it up (which is even MORE huge). He has drank a little water and has kept his oral meds down. Yesterday was the first day we forced him to eat and it was a little rough. He kept it down for an hour then vomited it ALL back up. Then he was up all night (except 2 hours between 4-6am) crying with tummy pains. The thing that helped most was letting him lay flat on me, so He and I stayed up and watched cartoons all night. :) Today has been GREAT though!he also attempted to crawl today (which is good bc he HATES crawling) and he was doing really well but then he fell and pulled his CVL a little and got upset and refused to try again. I probably would too though LOL :) He has been asleep now for 2 and 1/2 hours so Im really glad he is catching up on some sleep. The biggest thing keeping us here is his infection and nutrition issues. Hopefully we can get those fixed soon
He had a GREAT birthday. I went and got him cupcakes and his daddy an ice cream cake. They both LOVED their presents which made me SUPER happy! :) He was doing so great that day with the nausea that I was able to dress him up in a blue striped polo and khaki shorts TOO CUTE!! (But I think he is too cute even in his yellow hospital gown :) ) They did a study that day and found that he is 100% engrafted. YAY!! That was GREAT news:)
Well, the update actually ended up being a little longer than I intended but he is so much fun to talk/ write about I always end up talking a lot :) That is the majority of the new info though. I will update when we know something new. Please keep him in your prayers and thanks to everyone for Ky and Coty's Birthday wishes! :)


  1. Gammy and Pop are so proud of you, keep up the good work and keep eating for Mommy and hurry home.

    We love you,
    Gammy, Pop and Aunt Amanda

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  3. 100% engrafted! Woo Hoo!!!!
    Hope the infection and eating issues resolve very soon xx