Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day +23

Kyler has rested a lot today. Yesterday (Day+22) he had his CVL put back in and his femoral line removed. We had a few issues last night with the line that was removed. The area didnt want to clot and continued to bleed. He ended up getting 3 platelet transfusions. It ended up not being anything to worry about but it concerned us none the less. I actually helped hold pressure on it during one of the moments when it decided to start squirting blood.By this afternoon, however, it has quit bleeding but the pressure tape had left blisters so now we are treating those. He did so good during the dressing change. He just laid there and held my hand and played with me. Hes so strong :)
The line itself seems to be good. They x-rayed it to make sure it was in a good place. They had to go a little higher with it and tunnel it a little differently because there was a little blockage in the right side of the vein. They said he did GREAT during surgery. Last night his temp got back up to 100.1 so just to be safe they started him back on another antibiotic (hes still on vanco also) and they did cultured just to be sure it isnt another infection. He was up nauseated most of the night but he has rested very well today and at this moment is playing and making us laugh. They gave him ativan a little while ago and that is his happy med so he is doing pretty good right now :)
As far as the nausea goes: The GI doc came by today and checked him out and said trhat tomorrow she and the attending GI doc will come by and more than likely they will do the scope on him next week (Go down into his stomach with a camera). They doc mentioned that there is a POSSIBILITY of GVHD of the gut BUT all of the lab work suggests that he doesnt have GVHD. We will know more after they explore his tummy. Hopefully it will be something simple to fix. In order to get to go home he has to quit throwing up and be able to take meds and hopefully food by mouth. He was able to keep water down today but he threw the pediasure back up again. He is doing much better with a sippy cup than he was 2 days ago though.
His WBC's are lower than they were yesterday but nothing to worry about. Things are still looking good. He is super sweet as always. He got out of bed once today to sit in my lap (in a chair right beside his crib) and read a Dr. Seuss book. I have come to really like them LOL :) He woke up a couple of times today and kept us laughing EVERY time. He always does. :) I will probably update when we know more about the possible infection and GI issues. We will have some scans monday so hopefully we will know more by then. Please Keep Him In Your Prayers :)
Sumathi- Just wanted to say thank you for all of your comments :) I have been meaning to email you BUT I get so busy and I dont usually even have time to do this until Ky goes to bed. When hes sleeping Im cleaning and when hes up Im racking up all of the play/ cuddle time I can get :) I hope everything is going great with you all!! TTYS! :)


  1. Hi Jill,

    Glad that the line is in! I hope that the little ones nausea gets better so that he can eat yummy foods once again.

    Happy Easter to all of you. Next year your little one will be out hunting for eggs - lush green grass, pretty flowers, colorful eggs and doting parents.

    Take care,


  2. Hey Jill,

    So glad things are going so well. I know I'm not a doctor, but I think with some kiddos, the chemo just screws with their stomachs more than others. A month or two after we got out of the hospital, Ayden started vomiting, and he's do these huge sweet potato projectile vomits at least once a day, usually twice. That went on for over 2 or 3 months, but there was never anything definitive wrong. It finally stopped. So, very annoying, but not insurmountable. I hope that's all that's going on with Kyler.

    Just think about next Easter when he'll be in a little man suit at church, and then hunting Easter eggs! :-D