Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day -1 and the Big Day..Day 0

Day -1 was kind of rough. Kyler was in some pain and had a temp of 102.5 (at the highest) and his heart rate was a little high. We gave him some meds and he slept on me the majority of the day. His ATG finished up at 8pm that night and he did great that night and by this morning (Day 0) he was doing much better. He had to have a little more pain meds but then he felt great. BMT was at 12pm. He did really well. He got sick (as expected) but after he vomitted he felt better and went to sleep. He is now laying in his bed playing with the oxygen tube (which they just put in his bed for a little extra oxygen) He doesnt have a mask or anything so hes free to play with the tube. So far his fever has stayed down and his blood pressure and heart rate are much better. I know its going to get worse before it gets better but he is such a strong little guy. I lovehim so! Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Thanks for the regular updates Jill. Keeping you both in my prayers for a quick engraftment and recovery.