Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day -3

This day(Monday March 8th 2010) Day-3 was Ky's 1st day of ATG. He did great during the first 6 hours but during the last 2 he broke out into a rash and had a fever by 12am. Today they are giving him benadryl around the clock during his ATG treatment to help keep that from happening. Hopefully it will go better. He is losing his apetite even more now and is more nauseated. He still manages to laugh and play though. Such a strong, amazing little boy. I love him so. Everything else is doing good so far though. Just hoping it continues.Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Thinking of Ky each spare moment, Max will have his ATG today (at Day -4 through??) Hope all is going well x