Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update on Line Replacement

Ok, so they decided not to do PICC lines but to insert a triple Lumen Catheter into his groin. They removed the Lumen Hickman and inserted the triple lumen. He was sedated the whole time. The Triple Lumen can be removed much easier than the Lumen Hickman so as soon as the staph had cleared up they will remove the triple lumen and put a lumen hickman back in. They are keeping him on the Vanc and they are going to do x-rays to make sure the Staph hasnt spread anywhere else and also to make sure the triple lumen was put in place correctly before they start trying to use it. He has pain meds going into it right now and it seems to be working and they said so far everything looks great. I'm praying they are right and that our baby is staph free soon and everything can go back like it was with the regular line and I am also praying that the staph doesnt come back at a later time and doesnt continue to be a problem.
Kyler is sore because the catheter is in his groin right where he bends his leg. The main problem with where it has to be placed is that it CAN get infected when he pottys IF it gets up under the dressing so we will be being EXTREMELY cautious to keep that from happening. Praying that it doesnt, atleast until he is staph free and can get the other back. They are saying that it more than likely WILL become infected but that as I said before hopefully it wont be until Staph is gone and the Lumen Hickman can be put back in. I will update when we find out more. Please keep him in your prayers and thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts.


  1. Dear Jill,

    Sorry to hear about the MRSA and for sweet Ky to have a groin line. Will pray for quick resolution of the infection.

    Take good care Jill.



  2. How scary that must have been for you all.
    Hoping Ky has no infections and the Staph clears super fast. x
    (Just realized I'm signed in under Tim, but it's Bee here x)

  3. Hey Coty,

    We are praying for you. We are also praying that Kyler gets better really soon.

    We Love You!

    Uncle "T", Aunt Lisa and Ashley