Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day +12 Finally good News ! :)

They decided NOT to do surgery tomorrow which was GREAT news. I was kind of concerned about Ky pretty much going through 4 surgeries all at one time. They decided it would be worse on him to do the biopsy and so they decided to wait to back in the CVL until next week when maybe his counts will be higher. They are going to treat the infection for both fungas and bacteria and they are going to watch it. Here is the POSSIBLE best part but it is JUST a maybe. Kylers counts are coming up and a lot of the things happening to him can happen before the new bone marrow gets ready to engraft. So, what does that mean? It means that POSSIBLY everything that is happening to Ky that they think is related to the infection, could just be signs that engraftment is around the corner. We are praying that that is the case. However, with that said..He still has some rough patches to come. His lungs are definately going to get worse before they get better. As his body begins to build back up neutrophils and WBC's they are all going to go straight to his lungs since they are a source of infection. WBC's job is to kill infection so that is what they will be trying to do. With everything gathering in his lungs it will make it hard for him to breathe and get enough oxygen without a little help. Today he was put back on the nasal cannula and will more than likely be kept on it until his lungs are completely clear. The doctors think that his lungs problems will be acute but they said it could go so far as to need a ventilator. Hopefully not but we will do whatever is best or easiest for Ky. This option is MUCH better than surgery at this point and time. We were so glad to get some good news and some possible even better news :)
As far as how he is feeling..Today was actually a good day. Last night was GREAT after a fairly rough day yesterday. This morning he woke up nauseated and stayed sick for longer than he usually does. He went back to bed around 9am and slept until 2pm when he woke up wanting to play. I brought him down to the cot with me and we read books and played with his play table and even some medical supplies :) (of course it was none that could hurt him). He played until around 4pm when he started getting tired again and he slept until we gave him a bath and then he went back to sleep. He hasnt only spiked a fever twice today but it hasnt gotten out of the 101's which is GREAT compared to recent temps he has had. He has only had Tylenol once today compared to the every four hour dose he has had to have in the previous days. He seems to be feeling somewhat better but he still gets tired very easy so sometimes he overdoes it. I am just so glad that he feels like getting up some. The next few days could and probably will get worse so I am glad he has had some good days in between the bad. He is holding a little more fluid and is more swollen today but he is still the most precious baby :) I have been taking tons of pics that hopefully I will be able to post at some point. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers! please keep him in your prayers :)

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