Friday, March 12, 2010

Day +1

Last night Kyler woke up throwing up three times but as soon as I would clean him up and pick him up to rock him he would fall right back to sleep. He was given benadryl but it didnt help for to long. This morning he slept on me from 6 until about 7:30am when he woke up nauseated and threw up again. They gave him ativan at that point which helped a lot. It always relaxes him and he will play and laugh after he gets it. He has had some diarrhea from the chemo but we are keeping him covered in cream so that his bottom wont become raw. So far his mouth looks good (No sores) but we cant see into his throat and stomach to see if they are there but right now he doesnt seem to feel to bad. This is the "honey moon" Phase as the doctors refer to it so we know that eventually (in a few days) he will be a lot more nauseated and in more pain. The doctors have meds ready though to keep him as comfortable as they can. He started his anti-fungal med today and his cellcept yesterday. So far he's doing good. His heart rate has been a LITTLE high (not dangerously) but more than likely it is only because he is nauseated and in some pain. After they give him the ativan it usually goes down to normal. So far today he hasnt a fever which is good and both of his cultures came back negative for infections. I will update soon. Please Keep him in your prayers. I will post some picture soon! I have LOTS! He still likes to pose for the camera. TOOO Cute! I love him so!


  1. Hello Jill,
    I am Cindy Revera's cousin (her son AJ had a BMT last summer) and I have been following your story for quite some time. I am member of a group called COLE's Foundation. ( I would love to share your story with the prayer warriors from our team. I encourage you to visit the website and register. I am glad that Kyler is feeling ok today! I will continue to pray for engraftment and for him to remain infection free!!

    Jawana Root

  2. Hang in there, hon! Just get through the next week or so and things should start looking better.

  3. We're keeping you guys in our prayers. Stay strong!