Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day +9

Kylers cultures for the Staph are looking much better today. They havent shown any growth yet, but they still could. They will watch them for 3-4 days before the technically say that Kyler is Staph-free. He has had his ups and downs today. He started out with a bad morning. He was very nauseated and in pain so they gave him meds for both. He slept until around 1pm and then he woke up and played and He and I read a book and he "Held mommy" as I say when he wants me to hold him :) I always say "Do you want to hold mommy" and he will reach for me if he wants me to hold him. It is soo sweet! He was so cuddly today which was great. I am so glad that he doesnt seem to be as sore. He laughed and played for a little over and hour and then the exhaustion set in again and he slept until 7pm when we had to wake him up to sponge bathe him (he cant have a real bath until the triple lumen cath is removed.) After his bath he got nauseated again so he was given more meds and he went back to bed. It was funny because today they showed us how to use the suction nozzle beside his bed to suction his nose and mouth and they thought he would be scared of it but I got it and I said "Can mommy clean your nose and mouth" and he would open his mouth and then close it on the suction and then he would lift his face so I could get to his nose and everytime he would let me do it I would tell him what A good boy he was and he would start laughing. He kept wanting to do it because I kept making such a big deal over how good and what a big boy he was. TOO CUTE! Overall, his fever has been BETTER but definately hasnt gone away. He has only had to have tylenol twice today, so that was good. Well, his machine is beeping and his lasix is probably kicking in so I am going to have to cut my update short. Main point is : He is doing better :-) Please keep him in your prayers!

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