Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day +3

Kyler is still very nauseated. Now it is because of the mucositis that has set in instead of the chemo though. They are still keeping him comfy with pain meds and switching between benadryl and ativan for nausea. He has been sleeping a lot the last few days which is good though because we would rather him be resting that be awake and in pain. When he does wake up he does manage to give us a few small smiles. I am so proud of him and how strong he has been. he has had a fever today (after 2 days of not having one) so they did some cultures just to make sure he doesnt have an infection. They think that the fever is mainly because of his pain/ nausea. He had to have a blood transfusion and platelets today because his parameters were a little low, and he's on lasix now because his I's and O's arent equaling out. Other than that not much has changed. Hopefully he will start feeling better in a couple of weeks. I am going to post some picture on here that I have been meaning to post for a week now. Some are pre-BMT some are during BMT and some are after. Please keep him in your prayers.


  1. Hi Jill,
    Glad to hear that things are stable for the most part and your little hero is holding up despite all that he is going through.

    Wishing him rapid engraftment. Take good care of yourself too.

    With prayers,


  2. Prayers still coming from TX. Hope you're able to get some sleep! Maybe you can get some of that benedryl too...

  3. We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gammy and Pop