Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day+13 Another Great Day!

Today was great. Kyler didnt run a fever at all today. He woke up 3 times to play instead of his usual once a day play time. He made us and all of the nurses laugh several times especially when he was trying to show them how to use the medical instruments and how to listen to his lungs. He grabbed the end of the stethoscope and stuck it to his belly for the nurse. It was HILARIOUS!! We all cracked up. He even felt good enough today to get an attitude and throw a camera because he wanted the cell phone instead. I must admit I was THRILLED that he had that energy again. LOL :) He was back to himself for a little bit today being goofy and making funny faces (esp his piggy face.) As far as his medical status everything is pretty much the same. His WBC's are up to 360 or .36, however you want to look at it. His lungs are still in bad shape. We took the oxygen off today just to see what he could do on his own since his lungs SOUNDED better but as soon as the cannula came off he went from 100% oxygen to 90% in less than a minute. That let us know that he definately still needs the help of the oxygen. Atleast for right now it is just the cannula he needs though. He was nauseated today but today is the first day he hasnt thrown up blood at all. Not even once :) He did have to have platelets because they were 19K and 20K is his parameters. His rashes seem to be getting better also. Hopefully all of these things are signs that we are headed towards better days:) We know that his lungs are going to get worse before they get better but hopefully not too much worse. Thank you for all of your thoughts prayers and cards. Please keep praying for him!

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  1. Great news Jill, so happy to read! Keep it up xx
    (oh no I'm Tim again!) Bee xxx